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VR Virtual Reality Filming

Are you looking for VR Filming? At Pinnacle Media we are able to offer cutting edge Virtual Reality Filming for a range of projects and our team of creatives can help you come up with some really fun ideas.


But what is VR or Virtual Reality? You may have seen the rise of the videos that the viewer can tilt their phone to control the camera position. This is a type of Virtual Reality and the most useable of it's kind. We will explain more about this below, but first, here's the exciting bit, how we can use it!


YouTube Game

We have created a way of doing a VR walk through game on YouTube that allows the audience to not only look in any direction but also to make actual decisions that affect the game. This can be VR or non VR, that's up to you, but a bespoke YouTube game


VR Video

Take your Advert, Film or Campaign to the next level and the pinnacle of engagement with Virtual Reality. Whether you are trying to sell a product, an idea, or just give your clients or audience a way to engage with you on a deeper level and set yourself out as a cut above the rest.


Interactive Film

If you are creating your own content, VR is the most exciting way to make film, video content totally interactive. Virtual Reality Filming is the next level of content. Imagine walking through a hotel grounds, able to look in any direction and view it how they wish. What about an experience most can't reach, flying through the clouds in the cockpit of a fighter jet, diving beneath the surface deep within a ship wreck. Whatever you want to do VR is the ultimate way to do it.


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