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Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions and general terms of business are as follows. By using our services or the services of our production staff you are agreeing to these terms.



We are available for our clients for general communication between 8am and 8pm., however on time sensitive projects a senior member of staff is available 24 hours a day. Contact with a member of staff out of main operating hours must be justified and on the out of hours line and maybe subject to charges.


Completion time

Product completion time varies hugely depending on how much work is to be done and one what service. Completion time can be from as little as 48hours from reciept to delivery to multiple years.. Ask the team for the delivery time of your product.


Commencing work

We can begin work when we recieve written confirmation. This can be via email or by sending a Purchase Order. Once we have recieved confirmation of either kind, we will begin work and the client will be entering into an agreement to pay for the work completed to the discussed specifications.



When a client takes us on to produce any product or service for them, we will endevour to advise and make the reccomendations we feel are most appropriate based upon the clients needs and out experience. Whether a client choses to use our ideas or go with an idea of their own we will endevour to clarify all the specifics at the start of the task. Any changes to an idea should be sent to us asap. All products will be shown to the clients at which point they can make ammendments to ensure they are totally happy with the end result.



Payments must be recieved in advance accept in the case of the client being an account holder or when otherwise agreed with a Senior Producer. In the such case of the client must pay the full amount invoice within 15 days of the invoice date or completion of main shoot, whichever is sooner. In the case such as this when full payment has not been made in advance -  If FULL payment for a product or service is not received within an additional 30 days from the aboove specified time frame, we retain the right to remove services or cease work until such payment is made. In the case of a website not being paid for in full the site will not be finished or 'online' until full payment is made. In the case of a video production, the media recorded will be held by Pinnacle Media and it's producers until the full payment is made. If payment is not received within the stated periods Pinnacle Media and it's producers reservice the right to sell and or otherwise monetise any media and assets created to recoup the amounts owed.


By using our services you are agreeing to these terms