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"fantastic service... the best..."-  Inga Neeves - AngloSlav

"really great work, amazing team... very happy" - EFC TV 


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Pinnace Media Group


Covent Garden  London

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Who What Why

Who are Pinnacle Media, we are the folks that make Media better! More fun, more exciting more intuitive , we break boundaries, we come up with ingenious ways for our clients to connect with their audience.


What do we do, that might be a question you have, so let us tell you! As a full service production company, we are able to provide a number of services to our clients. From trailer editing through to interactive entertainment and much much more, we have a variety of options available! So take a look at the menu bar for more information on the type of service you require.


Why use us, well we are Award Winning for starters, so you know we really are what we say above! Want another reason? Well how about we take your project as seriously as you do? We will work on your project as if it was our own taking care at every step of the way.


Not sure what you want or need? Want to chat through some ideas? Give us a call ! We are here for confidential no hasstle chat about you and your projects needs!


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